T a p C h a m p s

Frequently Asked Questions


The use of VPNs is totally prohibited when using TapChamps. Our Algorithms recommends the most suitable and curated games based on your profile and country, the use of VPN can cause this system to be disrupted and would therefore cause your profile to not receive diamonds or be rewarded for the games played.

You can always reach out to the TapChamps team if you believe you have been unfairly blocked. Please send an email to support@tapchamps.com and include the email linked to your account.

Make sure you always refer to our Terms of Use before entertaining any unusual action.

It usually takes 48 to 72 hours to receive your gift card upon request. If you haven’t received it by then, please check:

– Your email thoroughly as you will receive it from ‘Tango’ and not ‘TapChamps’. Tango is our gift card provider and they are in charge of dispatching our rewards.

– Your spam folder just in case.

– Check your email on your account to make sure there are no typos. You can verify your email in the edit profile section.

If all of that is checked and still no gift card received, then you can always send us an email at support@tapchamps.com and we will have a representative assist you very quickly.

If you’ve downloaded a game and you noticed that the boost appears to be lower than what was originally displayed, this means that the game’s developer stopped boosting this game or we did not get credited for your installation.

In order to have full usage of TapChamps and the rewarding system, you will need to have installed the game for the first time, downloaded it through TapChamps, and stayed on the same internet connection while downloading. Meaning, don’t switch between mobile to Wifi network or vice versa.

The first step to earn diamonds is to select a game and click on install, you’ll be redirected to the Google Play Store, once installed start playing and you’ll start receiving notifications mentioning the XP (Game experience) you earn, once you level up you’ll win diamonds.

You can also earn trophies and complete specific missions to earn more diamonds.

In the shop, you can exchange your diamonds against reward cards such as Amazon, Google Play gift cards, Visa Prepaid cards, etc.

Tip: Playing boosted games may help you earn rewards faster. The higher the multiplier, the more diamonds and trophies you'll earn when leveling up the game.

Just like in many games, the more you play the more experience (XP) you get. All you need to do is play games to earn XP.

By winning XP, you can level up the game.

Trophies are earned when you level up games.

By winning trophies, you can level up your avatar, get more diamonds and increase the XP you earn by playing games.

You won’t be able to earn diamonds if you do not open the game through TAPCHAMPS, since we won’t be able to track your in-game activity and hence no XP will be added to you and no diamonds will be earned.

If ever an error message pops up while you are using the app, please take a screenshot of the error message and send it to our support team at support@tapchamps.com to help you out. Please include the error code and briefly what you were doing on the app before you got the error.

You only earn diamonds when you level up or complete special missions.

There are many reasons that can cause this to happen:

– Your device may be on Power Saving Mode. This low battery mode stops your device from running most programs in the background, which will not allow TapChamps to track your activity within the games.

– All games have a limit on how many diamonds you can gain from them, and that is usually topped at level 20, where the fun is the only barrier you can break then.

– Screen overlay and Usage access are important permissions that allow TapChamps to track your progress through your Quest and reward you with the appropriate amount of diamonds. Make sure you allow Screen Overlay & Usage Data.

– Starting a game, and leaving it running in the background will not award you any points. We reward you for reaching levels and finishing your missions.

TIP: You can check the history of your diamond Earnings on the diamond Section to check all the diamonds since you joined TapChamps.

You are free to uninstall any game you installed and you won’t lose the diamonds nor the XP you’ve earned from said game. You’ll still be able to find it in the TAPCHAMPS dashboard at any moment in the future.

TapChamps leveling system is totally different from the level in a game. It is normal that they have different values.

Each game has its own leveling system which is very different from a game to another. For some casual games you level up really fast by winning quick levels. For some midcore games, it takes longer and depends on the player’s experience and so on…

At TapChamps, we wanted to give every game the same chance and we created our own leveling system which depends on the time spent on each game.


You have probably used the wrong password or email.

In case you have forgotten the password linked to your account, you can easily recover it by opening TapChamps and clicking on 'Forgot your password?'. You will then need to put in the email you used to register and you will then receive an email to reset your password. You will be able to reset your password once you click on the link. You can then quickly log back in to TapChamps with your new password!

There are several reasons why your account could have been blocked by TapChamps once you have been detected by our Fraud prevention tools. We take fraud very seriously and we do not want it to affect our user experience and developers.

These are the main reasons why your account could have been suspended:

- Using a VPN while on TapChamps.

- Using an Android Emulator.

- Using several accounts to earn more diamonds.

- Using Autoclicker or Cheating softwares.

- Using disposable email addresses enabling you to automatically open verification links.

- Using a rooted device or any device for which you have been granted privileged control.

You can reach out to the TapChamps Support team if you believe you have been wrongfully denied access, by sending an email to support@tapchamps.com and make sure you specify the email associated with your TapChamps account.

Make sure you always refer to our Terms of Use before entertaining any unusual action.

If you are trying to log in and TapChamps tells you that the email you're trying to use is already in use, it means that you must have already created an account with it in the past.

To fix this issue you can:

1- Add a different email address to the account you're currently using.

2- Log into the previous account you created and change the email used there under the Profile Page in it.

3- In case you didn’t create an account using this email, and believe your email has been used without your consent, please send an email to support@tapchamps.com, sharing the email in question and we will start our investigation.

TapChamps would never delete your points or all your gains from the app under any circumstances. If ever that happens, please make sure you are logged in the correct account.

You can be logged in a separate account if you have used both Facebook or Google login to create your account and then also create another with a regular email signup. You can try switching accounts to double check and if you can’t remember your login details, please click on reset password to receive new credentials. If that doesn’t resolve your issue, please send us an email at support@tapchamps.com and we will help you retrieve your account with all your gains.

You may request that your Personal data collected by Tapchamps be deleted at any time. TapChamps agrees to permanently delete such data within a reasonable delay upon reception of a written request sent to privacy@tapchamps.com

You may also withdraw your consent to the collection of Personal data at any time by sending a written request to privacy@tapchamps.com. Upon receiving notice that you have revoked your consent, we will stop using your Personal Information within a reasonable time.

Please note that by choosing to delete your personal data or withdraw your consent to the collection of Personal data, your personal information together with any loyalty points that you have earned will be deleted. This is not recommended in case you want to temporarily stop using TapChamps. An email requesting your confirmation will be sent to the email you registered with before we delete your account.


Before claiming your card please make sure your account is registered with the correct email as we cannot exchange your card once it has been used.

Follow these easy steps to claim your gift card:

1- Once you accumulate enough diamonds to claim a gift card, click on ‘Shop’.

2- Select your chosen gift card and click on ‘Buy’. A message will then pop up to confirm your order.

3- Once the purchase is completed you should see a confirmation message. The number of diamonds used will be deducted from your account.

It takes up to 48 hours to get your gift card approved. Once your gift card has been approved, you will receive a link to redeem it on your email. Please check for en email from Tango Cards.

If after 72 hours you have not received your gift card, contact us by submitting a request to support@tapchamps.com and we will look into your case.

Once your gift card is processed, you should receive an email. Please make sure to read the instructions provided and click on the Redemption Code.

Hooray! You can now benefit from your gift card! Keep playing to get more!

Unfortunately, you cannot exchange your gift cards. They are sent directly from our partner Tango Cards to your account email.

Before ordering your gift card please make sure your email address is correct, the gift card you choose is the right one along with the correct currency.

If your gift card got sent to the wrong email, please contact us on support@tapchamps.com. If your gift card hasn’t been used, we can resend it to the correct email.

When contacting us, you will need to provide us with the email you used to redeem the card. You will then need to go to your profile on TapChamps to confirm your new email under ‘edit profile’.

First of all, please check if you received an email from Tango Cards as they are the ones in charge of dispatching our rewards. Make sure to check your spam folder in case you don't see it in your inbox.

If you still haven’t received an email, please make sure you go back and check that you have the correct email on your profile. If the email is incorrect please email us with both the correct and incorrect emails so we can look into it. Make sure to update your email from the edit profile page.

If you are sure you didn’t receive an email from Tango and your email address is correct and you still haven’t received your card after 72 hours, please email us at support@tapchamps.com with your username and account email. We will look into the problem and get back to you.

Please be advised that if a gift card has been used, we will not be able to exchange it. To prevent this, please take your time to select properly the reward you wish to receive.